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Hair Extensions

From an instant fringe to a sleek bob or long hair.

Racoon Hair Extensions could be just the answer.

Instant Length, Added Volume, Changing Colours

Something for that special occasion

To ensure a perfect match to your own hair, the Racoon range includes a wide choice of lengths, colours, curls and textures.

Create a new you in as little as 2 hours with no permanent commitment to a permanent change.

Easy to apply, easy to remove.

Racoon XTEND - Aftercare Products

Racoon has teamed up with product development experts to formulate a range that meets the special needs of extended hair. By Balancing gentle cleansing and moisturising agents with natural plant extracts, we have produced tailored treatments for every stage of the hair extensions process.

Hair Extensions

Rapture is a radical, new hair extension product that dramatically transforms the application of hair extensions, making the extensions so simple and easy to apply that any professional hairdresser can use the system.

The system consists of hair mounted on to ultra fine self-adhesive strips applied directly to the client's hair. Deceptively simple! Years of scientific work has gone into developing this rapid extension technology system, preparing the special bonding formula and manufacture of the strips (patent-protected), to arrive at this elegant solution to adding hair.

Rapture is clean, neat and entirely self-contained. There are no special tools, or hot appliances to worry about, no individual bonds, knots or heat to damage the hair. Everything is provided ready-made in the individual hair strips. All you need to do is use your creativity and skill as a hairdresser to produce some fabulous styles for your clientele.

Hair Connection and Beauty, Tunstall
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