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Hair Straightening
Yuko System

The revolutionary hair straightening system from Japan which repairs as well as straightens your hair! Achieve long lasting straight hair with Yuko System Repair.

Yuko System not only straightens wavy or curly hair, but restores and revivifies it as well. It makes healthy hair glossier and shinier.

How is this possible?

Old style permanent waves and straight permanents break the chemical bonds connecting the proteins that make up the hair, then apply a wave (or other shape) to the hair while it is malleable, and finally restore the hair's protein bonds to fix it in the new shape. However, because the bonds have been broken unevenly, they do not line up well again when they are reconnected.

The difference with Yuko System is its use of a permanent chemical which allows it to cut the chemical bonds very cleanly. After cutting the bonds cleanly, Yuko System Repair reconstructs the hair in a straight shape at the cellular level and uses an iron to make the new shape part of the "memory" of the hair.

The Yuko result beautiful straight hair. For a FREE consultation please call 01782 575151

Hair Straightening

GHD or good hair days, is a professional hair beauty company, which has shot to fame in the UK over the last two years.

GHD are most famous for their ceramic styling irons, which revolutionised the hair industry both in Europe and across the globe. At last, women could achieve that red-carpet look with frizz-free, smooth hair, whether it be poker-straight or full of movement. Stars such as Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham have all become evangelists of the brand by counting the irons as a must-have item in their beauty bags.

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