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Teeth Whitening
That elusive Hollywood smile which was once the preserve of the rich and famous is now available and affordable to us all!

Whiten up your smile! We have two methods to whiten your teeth.

1. Power Teeth Whitening: Only £289
An amazing new procedure that whitens your teeth in just one hour without any pain or injection. t is performed at one of our treatment rooms by our fully qualified Dentist. Power Teeth Whitening uses "blue light" of a specific wavelength together with materials applied to the teeth. These remove the grey/yellow/brown pigmentation from dentine layer beneath enamel and oxidise internal stains from enamel.

2. Teeth Whitening Kits: Only £149
Results achieved are dramatically different from any kits that can be purchased 'over the counter'.

This procedure involves an initial consultation with our dentist taking an impression of your teeth from which customised trays are made by a dental lab to hold the whitening gel supplied in the kit - and after one or two weeks the result is a whitened, brightened smile!

Hair Connection and Beauty, Tunstall
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